Fire Force Game

Official Launch(JP) + APK

๐Ÿ’ก Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of ็‚Ž็‚ŽใƒŽๆถˆ้˜ฒ้šŠ ็‚Ž่ˆžใƒŽ็ซ  (by mobcast)

A completely new original game of “Enen no Fire Brigade” is now available!
Form your own fire brigade and face mighty enemies!

-What is โ€œFlame Fire Forceโ€-
A normal person suddenly burst into flames,
“Human Combustion Phenomenon” that destroys as much as possible by becoming a monster “Homurabito” that manipulates flames.
Shinra, a new recruit boy called “Devil” for some reason,
Aiming to become a “hero”, he devotes himself to the days of fighting with “Homurabito” with his friends.
A battle fantasy depicting the activities of a special fire brigade that confronts the fear of fire.

็‚Ž็‚ŽใƒŽๆถˆ้˜ฒ้šŠ ็‚Ž่ˆžใƒŽ็ซ 

Follow the story to relive the world of โ€œFire Forceโ€!
The story unfolds as it is in the anime world
Let’s experience “Flame Fire Brigade” while clearing the battle!

็‚Ž็‚ŽใƒŽๆถˆ้˜ฒ้šŠ ็‚Ž่ˆžใƒŽ็ซ 

Familiar characters from “Fire Force” appear in 3D!
If you gather friends and form your own special fire brigade,
Requiem the looming “Homurabito” in a 4vs4 ability battle! !
Pay attention to the link burst that you can release in cooperation with your friends and the powerful special move production!

็‚Ž็‚ŽใƒŽๆถˆ้˜ฒ้šŠ ็‚Ž่ˆžใƒŽ็ซ 

Full of newly drawn illustrations that can only be seen here!
Illustrations of all characters are completely drawn down!
Don’t miss that scene reproduced with illustrations drawn for the game!

็‚Ž็‚ŽใƒŽๆถˆ้˜ฒ้šŠ ็‚Ž่ˆžใƒŽ็ซ 

Equipped with character voices by gorgeous voice actors!
Voiced by the cast of the TV anime as it is!
Deepen interaction with characters and listen to game original voices!

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

็‚Ž็‚ŽใƒŽๆถˆ้˜ฒ้šŠ ็‚Ž่ˆžใƒŽ็ซ 

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