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Fallen Frontline (Fire Mission)

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Fire Mission (by MUJOY GAMES)

Fire Mission is a popular anime war game combining adventure training and simulation strategies. When human civilization was invaded by the alien technology, people had to resist murderous “Calamity Weapon” under the last shelter. Players are expected to be the supreme commander to recruit the maiden commanders, expand the strength of the military and reconstruct the revenge city. Also, Seek the hope of survival and find the truth of war on the apocalyptic ruins . Gather legions of frenemy to save this battered and broken world together.

Maiden Commander x Steel Tank
Hundreds of maiden commanders and dozens of historical classic combat vehicles in parallel world, from Tiger I, KV2 to Panzer Maus are ready for you. Upgrade technology and map out strategy. Romantic steel rose will fight for you.

Fire Mission

Free Cultivation x Battle Tactic
Matching the general skills and optional skills in proper way can create the personalized training plan for your maidens in card game. Matrix and troop can be arranged as your pleases. The exciting strategy world is waiting for you to challenge. Not only do you have the considerable strength, but you also need to be diplomatic so that you can get ahead of the game in the vast map strategy mode.

Fire Mission

Gathering Fellows x Defeating enemies
Enlist like-minded companions to join the legions. And make joint effort to fight against “Calamity Weapon” on the World Map. In combat, cooperation, fighting side-by-side and rational division of tasks will strengthen your bonds with your partners.

Fire Mission

Truth of Apocalypse x Quest in Adventure
What is the truth behind the sudden space relics, the advanced technology from alien world and the murderous “Calamity Weapon”? When the “Protoss” changed into “Fallen Star” by chance, no one could tell if this was an ancient conspiracy or a foreign intrigue. Following the story step by step, you will figure out the truth in person.

Fire Mission
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