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Firefly of the Moon (Ch)


The description of Firefly of the Moon (月 見 之 螢 )

To learn the truth about the change in the kingdom of Miyahara, the young man overcame all obstacles and adventures, vowing to save this continent from disasters! Although the hope in front of him is as small as the fireflies, he still uses the self-learning of the stars and the moon to improve his fighting power, and the fate awaiting him is extraordinary too!

Firefly on the Moon is a masterpiece of a mobile MMORPG that combines elements of Western magic. The game combines cultivation, gathering and combat. Gorgeous and shocking exquisite scenes, cute and cute elven mounts, as well as great and cool magic weapons will allow you to enjoy a vivid and vivid gameplay!

When darkness covers the earth, will you join me on my path to awakening?

Awakening: Darkness covers the path to awakening
Calamities continue to spread, and eventually the dormant power will awaken! The gorgeous appearance is amazing and the powerful force will help you eliminate the darkness!


Qi Ling: Unlock Qi Ling and fight side by side
Collect fragments, activate Qi Lin, and you are no longer alone on the vast continent! Choose from all kinds of spirits to handle various combat situations while relaxing and cozy!


Resurrection: Miracles come and attract mysterious powers
Get mysterious powers, transform into gods and increase your fighting power! Even in the face of an endless stream of animals, one person can be the master, and the other is invincible!


Marriage: sweet statement to write the chapter of happiness
Feel free to confess in the fabulous gaming world! Sweet Cupid will pull the bow again and find him or her on the other side of the red line for you!

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