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Flower and sword (Ch)

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Netease’s ancient love mobile game “Flower and Sword”. One flower, one sword, one life, one fate, love, hate, hatred, grief and joy, this is in the Tang Dynasty, here is a story for you Welcome to join the beautiful rivers and lakes of “NetEase Wuhun: Flowers and Swords” with flowers and swords …

The description Flower and sword

That prosperous life
The moment
The entanglement of love and hate
I like white, so I dyed the clothes white and the whole body was white
At the beginning of the Chinese lantern, light a lamp with my name on it
Everyone in this world has a story, everyone can have a deep friendship
Learn a dance and play a piece of music
Everyone has feelings and righteousness in their hearts, everything in the world is nothing but swords and swords …
Huaer and Juvenile Lang! Would you like to go there with one flower, one sword, one life, one fate?

Game Features

Flower and sword

Dream back to the early Tang Dynasty——
These beautiful rivers and lakes have wind moons and sword shadows. The voices of 20 famous CV masters are the people in the play; the ancient wind society fills in lyrics and composes songs with endless rivers and lakes. One scene, one song, one person, one song, the beauty of ancient charm encircles your eyes and ears.

Flower and sword

Prosperous Beauty
Choose the five major schools, and you can take care of your image at any time by pinching your face and shaping, customizing makeup, dressing and dyeing, and hairstyle matching. There are also laughter and scolding, exquisite and beautiful standing paintings, illustrations and orange-level plot substitutions, making your role play more vivid and lively.

Love and Hatred
At the beginning of the game, three high-value protagonists accompany “you” to wander the rivers and lakes, and enjoy the love and love beyond time and space with you. Throughout the world, the fate between players is equally ubiquitous. Perhaps a lantern that was picked up easily is the beginning of a story!

Flower and sword

There is a story when you meet
Here, “you” will also meet many lively people, domineering princes, warm scholars, swordsmen, royal sisters, little sisters … what kind of intersection will you have? Unlock the secrets that belong only to him, gain bondage and follow, when you step on the snow and clear the song, there is always someone who listens to your heart.

Sword Light Sword Shadow
People are in rivers and lakes, smiling or tears. Regardless of whether you meet your opponent or not, there is always an exciting battle. Everyone has a guardian of love in their hearts, nothing more than swords and swords.
Midsummer night, make a lantern and rise slowly in the night sky with the wind. The old bamboo on the mountain was collected and made into a wooden kite, which carried us to the world. The raining raindrops drifted, and the paper umbrella in the man’s hand was made by me. It’s snowing and weaved a thick cloak to make you remember my temperature …

Flower and sword

Youjiang Rivers and Lakes
In midsummer, rowing boat to appreciate the lotus; winter snow, holding umbrella to tread snow. As for the early spring and autumn, learning pipa and playing zither is elegant. In his free time, fishing, swinging, operating various camps, and traveling with ease, is not easy.
All this is like being in the latest hot interactive large-scale costume drama, and “you” is the protagonist!

Flower and sword
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