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The description of FLUFFY PLANET SAGA (by X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.)

You only need to enjoy life to the fullest in the world of Fluffy Planet Saga!
Live in stunning communities with falling autumn leaves, fluttering cherry blossoms, or dancing snowflakes. Host parties and have a wonderful time chatting with friends. Gather your friends to participate in the thrilling Blitz Race and go treasure hunting while choosing to help each other out or sabotage your friendships in the maze.

Live with Friends Throughout All Seasons
Every community consists of five houses for five different players. You and I are destined to be neighbors!
Neighbors can help each other by feeding pets and watering flowers. You can even steal vegetables from your neighbors when they are not around. Each community has its own seasons, weather variations, and events. Be sure to visit your friends’ communities for pleasant surprises.


Experience a Cozy Farm Life
Your will discover a vacant farm plot right next to your community house. Swipe your finger to water and collect your farm produce. When buying and selling, take notice of the price fluctuations in the market for each of the communities. Knowing how to make money with the farm plot will be the key to becoming rich!
There are also cute pets on the farm to assist players with planting and protecting the farm produce from being stolen. Be a kind neighbor by helping your neighbors feed their pets and give them your homegrown vegetables. Enjoy the relaxing farm life!


Morph into Adorable Kemonos
Morph into badass, yet adorable, fluffy Celestians whenever and wherever you want! Experience invincible powers and cute, soft toe beans! Players can activate primal will hidden in their bloodline to morph into kemonos!
Choose from four different kinds of Celestians – Mystic Lions, Lunar Foxes, Spirit Bunnies, and Heavenly Plumes; each has its own unique kind of weapon. Players can satisfy their love for kemonos through customization of their kemono appearance, from fur color to ear and tail shapes.


Call Up Your Friends to Play Party Games
Enjoy a slew of fun party games with your friends in the world of Fluffy Planet Saga!
Blitz through exhilarating racetracks. Take on challenging mazes as you navigate your way around an intricate map, while dodging monsters and testing your cognitive skills. In addition to having fun with friends, you can face them in fierce competitions. Have a blast with your friends, whether in the game or in real life!

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