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Flying Bullet:Uncharted Piece


The description of Flying Bullet:Uncharted Piece

Global sandbox waters
Players from all over the world will compete in the same server, raid, defend, revenge, grab loot, fill your warehouse and deploy your “base core”
The era of great voyage opens a multi-water competition, who is the big pirate in this sea of Eden! Start fighting!
The canoe-yacht-battleship-aircraft carrier is gradually becoming more powerful and equipped with your homeland. Use your wisdom to deploy troops and deploy endless changes.

PVP peak qualifying
Players from all over the world gather to compete for the glory of the king! 4 players compete against each other in an unknown map and occupy the “Nuclear Power Signal Tower”. The winner will receive the “Golden Star”. Update the seasons with different themes every month, continue to win and improve the ranks, and compete for the first place in the season leaderboard!

Flying Bullet:Uncharted Piece

Skin that shows personality
Each character has multiple individual skins, as well as individual health bars, footprints, etc., making you unique in the peak game and becoming the most beautiful boy in the crowd!

Flying Bullet:Uncharted Piece

Single finger operation releases freedom
It can be operated with one finger, and the character can be controlled by the joystick to flash around in the sky of bullets, cannonball traps, rivers, mountains, and galaxies. Never forget, you are the owner of bullets! Write a bullet legend!

Flying Bullet:Uncharted Piece

Ten chapters refuse to be boring
1500 random sandbox maps with 10 chapters will show you more shocking scenes, the grassy desert snow mountain fire cave and the horror…A variety of styles are waiting for you to explore, and there are bound to be surprises wherever you go, and repeated challenges are never boring! When you are faced with a choice to go to the left or to the right, use your strategy to choose your way forward.

Flying Bullet:Uncharted Piece

All skills talents
Random skills will appear every time you upgrade. You can match up with DPS for thick blood, high defense, fast running, or powerful DPS. There are hundreds of skill combinations that you can’t stop. With multiple strategy modes for different levels and different enemies, you may be a unique pioneer. Be brave and conspiring to make the enemy fearful!

Strong opponents and invincible teammates
Are you too strong to find your opponent? Then come and feel the hundreds of levels guarded by dozens of different monsters and powerful elite BOSSs that we have customized for you. Mechanical spiders, armored vehicles, mysterious mechas… In the world of bullets, everything is possible. Don’t forget that there are strong friends to help you!

Armed in full, let the bullets fly!
Constantly upgrade talents, collect equipment boxes, get a variety of permanent skills, powerful equipment, bring your mechanical assistants, experience different roles, poison, fire, thunder…you can play whatever you want, in short, enhance your full strength, fully armed ! Let the bullets fly!

Flying Bullet:Uncharted Piece
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