Follow me 2 (KR)


The description of Follow me 2 (나를따르라 2)

The game “Three Kingdoms”, which you have not met yet!
Pick up weapons, cars and treasures!
Meet the more powerful masters of the Three Kingdoms!

A real battle of the three kingdoms! Show the variables in the strategy!
Rockfall, swept rain, air raid How to change the board using different attack tactics!
Strategically attack plundering battles!

나를따르라 2

100 kinds of longevity three kingdoms by type sent!
How to defeat opponents with the help of combinations of warriors, mages and sages!
Create the most efficient formation and defeat the ferocious enemy!

나를따르라 2

Build your holy land!
Build a unique wall with free layouts!
Play solid defense with special combinations of functional buildings and defensive structures!

나를따르라 2

Expand the territory of the kingdom!
When you team up with the members of the kingdom, there is nothing to fear!
Attack cities on the world map and get rewards regularly!

나를따르라 2

You can do it too!
How to collect all the rare items and longevity just by taking the time!
Now you can more easily enjoy the world of the Three Kingdoms! Follow me!

나를따르라 2

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