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Football Island

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The description of Football Island

Build the best football island ever! Create your team, customize and make it the most valuable club. The game is a football-club-simulation game and it takes place in the island and each player will be located in Football Island. This special island, every building in the city is related to football. There are buildings like stadium, team camp, training field, spa center and houses.

Football Island

In Football Island you will create a football facilities with limited resources. Then you should be successful to convince people like football and be fan of your team. If you loose matches, you will also loose fans. The more fans you have the more money you make, do not forget this! Furthermore,you can do asynchronous matches against other players and pre-defined teams. Let’s create an island and a football team!

Football Island

Different from other football management games, footballers have simple metrics and match control is simple so it is easy to understand logic of the game and it is fun to play!

Football Island

Don’t waste time to wait and play Football Island! Don’t miss lots of fun!

-Simple and fun gameplay
-Free to play
-Different types of matches: campaign, friendly, league and tournament
-Create and customize your team, make it the best!
-Build your own stadium and show your team’s power
-Leaderboards to see who is the greatest!
-Visit other player’s city before playing matches!

Football Island
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