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Footblitz: Eternals Unleashed

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Footblitz: Eternals Unleashed (by Forgemaster Games)

Footblitz is 2v2 online football brawl game where football meets the magic! Get ready to go onto the pitch in this new multiplayer PvP Magic Football experience

Unleash the magic of football in Footblitz, a multiplayer online Magic Football game that combines the excitement of football with the thrill of magical abilities and brawler combat. Spread out effectively on the field with your teammate, maintain control of the game, and score goals with legendary through passes. Step onto the field and engage in intense online matches against players worldwide, where every goal is a showcase of your skill and strategy.

Footblitz: Eternals Unleashed

Master the art of timing and decision-making as you strategically use abilities, attack, and position yourself to secure victory. Utilize both basic attacks and character’s special abilities to gain control of the ball. With each match evolving into a dynamic battleground of skill and strategy, Footblitz delivers an exhilarating experience unlike any other, blending the excitement of football with the adrenaline of brawler combat.

Footblitz: Eternals Unleashed

Unlock new heroes, each with their own special attacks and abilities. Enhance powers of your heroes by upgrading and equipping gears, and customize your equipment layouts to match your playstyle.

Footblitz: Eternals Unleashed

Get various chests by winning matches. Unlock them in no time and get powerful equipments.

Footblitz: Eternals Unleashed

Climb the ranks of the overall and weekly leaderboards, showcasing your prowess to the world and proving yourself as the ultimate champion of magic football

Footblitz: Eternals Unleashed

• Show your Football skills with Magic Abilities to score goals, win matches and earn gems & battle chests.
• Proceed along the gem road and open magic chests to unlock new heroes or upgrade existing ones.
• Earn hero-specific rewards by progressing hero’s road.
• Use the XP potion to level up your hero.
• Strengthen your heroes and their passive & active special abilities.
• Earn timed battle chests by getting victories and obtain equipments from them.
• Upgrade your equipments to make your heroes stronger.
• Show off your skill to the world by climbing the overall and weekly leaderboards.
• Discover your hero’s strength and ability in practice mode.
• Have fun and earn rewards by completing Daily Quests.

Available: Google Play – TR

Footblitz: Eternals Unleashed

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