Forge of War: Epic Hunter


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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Forge of War (by GREENPIXEL LTD)

Welcome to the world of Forge of War – the place where no one and nothing holds you from becoming the greatest hero of the realm. Nothing, except hideous monsters that you will have to defeat on your way to glory.

The unique RPG mechanic of the game will never let you get bored by the process.

The more attempts you make, the farther you’ll get in your journey, slicing through enemies like a hurricane of wrath and pure rage.


Collect and use most powerful weapons;

Equip your warrior with spirits;

Use the strongest armor to protect your warrior from attacks;

Equip your character with ring that provide additional boosts to various traits;

Use amulets to reinforce your warrior and succeed in battles;

Fuse the items together to enhance their features;

Upgrade your equipment using scrolls you can get from chests.

Forge of War: Epic Hunter


Maximize health for better endurance in battle;

Boost attack indicators to defeat enemies faster;

Improve healing abilities to recover from damage quicker;

Reinforce the iron shield to protect your warrior from enemies;

Boost the leadership talent to heal upon gaining new levels in battle;

Improve agility to perform quicker moves and attacks;

Enhance equipment to get better indicators from your armor, weapons, spirits, etc.;

Get the time reward talent to get additional XP points by passing levels quicker;

Upgrade the inspiration talent to get additional skills at the start of each attempt.

Forge of War: Epic Hunter


Simple controls allowing to play with just one hand;

Tutorial at the beginning of each battle;

No special buttons or complex combinations – either move or attack;

Get bonuses during the battle, improving your chances at success;

Open free chests with coins, diamonds or equipment on a regular basis;

Unique boss fights and tons of enemies with unique traits.

Forge of War: Epic Hunter
Forge of War: Epic Hunter
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