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Frayhem – 3v3 Brawl & MOBA

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Frayhem

Enjoy fun fast-paced battles in the arena of Frayhem! Download it now and play for free!

Frayhem is a multiplayer brawler combining MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and battle royale elements, and it’s easy to learn. Brawl with opponents to achieve glory in the arena! This multiplayer brawler can be learned by anyone but mastered by only a few. Try it for yourself and see if you can take the crown in battle royale and team-based modes. Become the champion of the multiplayer arena!

— EASY TO LEARN: Yet hard to master. Anyone can start playing Frayhem, but only a few will reach the top. Will you be one of them?

Frayhem - 3v3 Brawl & MOBA

— PLAY YOUR WAY: Pick a fighter matching your play style: melee, ranged, healer, assassin, tank, or something in between!

Frayhem - 3v3 Brawl & MOBA

— CUSTOMIZE YOUR FIGHTER: Each ability has multiple variations so you can adjust the fighter to your liking.

Frayhem - 3v3 Brawl & MOBA

— VARIOUS MODES AND MAPS: Each requiring different tactics. Outsmart your opponents at every step!

Frayhem - 3v3 Brawl & MOBA
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