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The description of Front Mission: Borderscape (by HK TEN TREE LIMITED)

“Ganglan” is a near-future science fiction masterpiece that uses mechas as combat weapons. Players will follow a mercenary team with the pseudonym “Cheetah Logistics” to deal with various forces in the world, and work with the mysterious “Tan” girl organization to uncover the conspiracy behind it.


The combination of war chess gameplay and mecha theme allows players to experience ultra-high freedom of battlefield decision-making and multi-angle strategic choices by customizing the torso, hands, legs and weapons of the mecha while commanding the battle. Become the key to determining the outcome of the battle.


Soul of Steel Reignited
Assault, engineering, sniper… there are various tactical combinations, make good use of the characteristics of each pilot to break through challenges, and use a large number of mechas to build a team.


Act after making a decision
Calculate, analyze, deduce… Calmly analyze and control the situation. Whether it is a lightning attack and concentrated attack, or a step-by-step phalanx advance, a variety of tactics can be used freely.


Part destruction
Different parts have different functions. The broken feet slow down the pace of the enemy, the destruction of one arm affects the casting of skills, and the attack is precisely targeted at the enemy’s parts. The method of breaking the situation changes rapidly.


There are both approachable main levels and challenging dungeons with high difficulty and high rewards. You can take multiple challenges to develop the best strategy to defeat the enemy.


Free painting
From the fuselage to the weapons, from matte gray to sky blue, there are endless options for you to choose from; customize the appearance on a large scale, feel the mechanical aesthetics, and create a unique personal mecha.

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