Frontier Zero



💡Platform – Android

The description of フロンティア・ゼロ~境界を越える想い~ (by EYOUGAME)

Connect, align and wash!
RPG connecting new touch card
I want to protect my loved ones – with this thought in my heart
In the unknown world of “Zerontia”
Let’s go on an adventure with wonderful friends!

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I just love anime RPGs
Escape from reality is the best! I want to dive into the world of stories
I am bad at complex operations … I want to play casually
I want to enjoy both manual and automatic battles
Cute characters have no eyes

Unique Frontier Zero charm

Hot story woven from hieroglyphs
A world in which a fleeting world began to crumble again –
You and a distant family that spills the blood of demons
And friends who go on a journey with their feelings
Keep an eye on the future thanks to the fate of the ferry!


Characters with a rich personality
Girl throwing a knife, tsundere, healing a fallen daughter, funny muscular uncle
Be that as it may, the characters of the characters that appear in the game are dark!
Let’s deepen the connection by traveling with unique friends.
When intimacy increases, a special story emerges.
You can discover their unknown side! ??


Exciting battle to erase cards
Connect, erase and use mysterious skills to strike the final blow!
In real-time battles, the excitement never stops!
Different effects are activated depending on the number of erased cards.
Show your own fighting style!


Rich content and social features
Battle for guild territory, arena, battle to subjugate a strong enemy
Expeditions, friendship trials, fortune telling missions, etc.
Lots of game content!
Thanks to the extensive chat function, you can always share the pleasure with your friends.


Feel free to play even when you’re busy

Auto combat and double speed function
Want to do other things while you play?
In this case, automatic play is a great success!
Combined with the double speed combat function, you can train easily and shoot deftly!

Equipped with abandoned elements
If you use the search function, you can get content even when you are not playing the game.
Let’s use this effectively and try to get our favorite character!

Frontier Zero

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