Survival of Frost(Frost Land: Vanguard)

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The description of Frost Land: Vanguard (by wangpeng)

Winter is coming! In 2025, the world has been infected by the “virus I”, as extremely cold, and most people died during this global pandemic. As one of the rare survivors, gather with the others to fight against this harsh cold world. But beware! The infected have been roaming around the world like zombies! It’s vital to pay attention to resist attacks of the infected! What’s more, assemble at the “Tinder”, the place of hope for mankind! It’s also the place can be built underground shelters. Therefore, accumulate your energy, and gather scattered human heroes in doomsday! Fire when you ready! Become a king to rule this harsh cold world of the doomsday.

The PBR technology of the next-generation allows you to have the ultimate sensory experience for frost apocalypse and feel like walking on the real world of ice wasteland.

Dual-construction mode: Choosing the urban construction on the ground or shelter-building on the underground, to experience the fun in the apocalyptic day.

Frost Land: Vanguard

Enormous map for unrestricted troops movement. Choose your strategy and destroy all the enemies.

Frost Land: Vanguard

Command your troops to move freely on the big map, choose the right strategy, and destroy all the enemies!

Head to the military hub, Fight alongside million players to take the control of the world. Conquer wasteland and frost with.

Frost Land: Vanguard

Plundering limited resources! Searching and Collecting resources that your sustainable resources output would be automated.

Call upon dozens of survival heroes and use superior tactics to emerge final victory in a MMO battle royale.

Frost Land: Vanguard

Apply your unique tactics with combinations of troops and heroes to upgrade your combat Effectiveness and destroy the stronger enemies.

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Frost Land: Vanguard

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