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Future Summon

Official Launch Google Play(Global)+Apk

The description of Future Summon

Implementation of PVP “Ragnarok”
real time PVP
Aim for the top players!

When I woke up, there was no ordinary sight there. The world 1000 years after this era where no one knows who is the enemy and who is the ally. If you want to get back, fight, identify this move, and survive in the malignant wit and conspiracy!

Light tactical
Light Tactical & Easy Card Battle is here! Let’s identify the cooperative skills, spells, abilities, and enemies’ tips, and build a deck, all for this one station! It’s time to fight!

Future Summon

New sense development
Training to a new stage! 100 pieces, 1 piece, 1 piece for all units! There are various breeding methods, level up, ability cards, favourites… The love for the characters will help the unit!

Future Summon

Incandescent battle mode
“Rank mode” is super incandescent! Let’s challenge the commanders all over the country with a well-developed deck, the only aim is the summit! If you fall into a slump, you can procure supplies in “normal mode” and start again when you are ready!

Future Summon

Refreshing solo mode
The solo mode is super rich! If you want to go home, win the story! If you want to be a veteran, overcome the challenges! Whether it’s a last-minute match with a focus on COSPA or a strength match in an infinite tower, it’s up to you to decide what kind of fight you want!

Future Summon

World after one round
1000 years later, with this E history, everything is different from the past, with contradiction and conspiracy intertwined, what can you do…

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Future Summon
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