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Future War – Counter Side

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Future War (by GameBeans Ltd.)

“Future War” is a theme of urban, science fiction, doomsday as the background, combined with a variety of strategies and development of various gameplay, at the same time, it can collect more than hundreds of comic-style beautiful girl punishment, the screen presents a strong style of combat aesthetic The next-generation mobile phone game satisfies players who love anime and enjoy the refreshing combat.

“When survival becomes a race, the battle to subvert the future is about to unfold.”

In the game, the world inhabited by humans is called Normal Side (the real world), and the world inhabited by the erosion body is called CounterSide (other world), and the two will overlap from time to time, and then “erosion” occurs. The image of the corroded body is often shown as demons, monsters, etc. It has extraordinary special abilities and holds a natural hostility to humans and the entire real world. The existence that humans oppose is the sanctioner. They are superpowers among humans, possessing a variety of abilities: super muscles, hands that generate lightning, etc., and use them to protect the human world.


Literature level! Finely crafted plot interpretation
The street scene of the doomsday reflects the ruins of the city, and the armaments and machinery set off the girl with the ability. The “Administration” established by the sanctioners has accumulated advanced technology far beyond human civilization after years of research. Players can wander in the main storyline with more than 400,000 characters, explore and use all kinds of legacy ships and high-tech weapons. , Experience the formation change of the character formation.


Big trick! High frame rate hot-blooded explosive technique
In the face of wave after wave of offensives from external erosion bodies and a diverse battlefield environment, how to make good use of the character characteristics and positioning of the team will be an important key to determining victory. In addition, each sanctioner has a unique and exclusive big move. The full-screen performance and high-quality gorgeous interpretation on the battlefield can more deeply outline the charm of the character.


Be the boss! The right to hire salary adjustment is in your hands
The player will play the role of the boss of a private company, leading the sanctioners and various soldiers and weapons under it to fight against the “erodes.” At the same time, you can also enhance your role abilities through negotiation mechanisms and development systems, and you can even engage in “lifetime employment” after the conditions are met. It is also the exclusive power of the boss to open branches, appoint branch ministers, and decorate offices all over the world.


Super pleasure! Gorgeous blow with one finger blast
Simply drag your fingers to experience the thrill of the game. During the battle, you can perform multiple actions, with various soldiers and tank units, and feel the ingenious excitement of air combat and land combat, while retaining the thrilling action strikes.

Instant combat power! The girl team is ready to attack
A ponytail girl with a deep background, an inscrutable double-sword imperial sister, a black-haired loli with amazing marksmanship, dozens of teams and hundreds of beautiful girls with different styles, richly detailed characters on the screen. Picking can make them smile.

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