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Gacha Adventure

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💡 Platform – Android

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The description of Gacha Adventure (by UliangGame)

Game introduction
“Gacha Adventure” is a cute idle game&gacha game with Western mythology as the background, MMORPG role -playing game. The art style is mainly cute, the standard 9th palace round combat SLG strategy game!

The perfect heroic development system, equipment system, and idle game system are based on inheriting the placement of gacha games. Gacha Adventure mainly conducts innovative and upgraded gameplay for the following aspects:

Gacha card game gameplay innovation.
Strengthen players in the game
Incorporating SLG team battle gameplay, making the game more diverse and fun
Make the Idle rpg gacha game more interesting and the sense of expectation online

Gacha Adventure

The development is mainly divided into several large pieces:
1. Preliminary development: hero upgrades, heroes ascending stars, pets, home gardens, god beasts, joint skills, crystal trees, god position and gemstone.
2. Development in the later stage: Heroes Awakening, Pet Awakening

Gacha Adventure

Combat system
Classic: 9th palace Battle (Place the card battle mode, there are professional buffs, etc.)
Innovation: Heroes with skills & god beast attack & pet play. Fighting is the order of the hero shot as a shot!

Gacha Adventure

Fighting strategy system
1. [The maximum power of the team combination]: You need to choose the hero group with skills and associations to play the strongest power of the heroes. For example, after the flame flow, after the fire girl releases skills, the burning buff can be hung on the opposite side; the lava warrior attacks the damage of the burning object with the burning object.
2. [Broken Array ]: Different gameplay, we have different monster characteristics, and we need to configure different heroes to play. In order to meet the cultivation needs of many heroes!

Gacha Adventure

Pet system
Pets are different from the development line of other placing games. He can realize the open configuration of the hero. The same hero, the combat special effects will change after configured with different pets

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Gacha Adventure

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