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Gadlingers: Creation of the Gods

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Gadlingers: Creation of the Gods (by Mitama Games HONGKONG Limited)

·Gods and Daemons, gathering in the war
For this project, Mythologia invited the most popular artists, including 绯原、木屋町、*zoff、那流, and many others. Together we designed hundreds of characters, based on the classic fairytale “Creation of the Gods” for you. Voice casting arranged of course.
You will definitely find your favorite.

Gadlingers: Creation of the Gods

·Massive plot; every AI has a plan
Mythologia retells the story based on the original “Creation of the Gods”.
Familiar gods come together to play the great show for you.

·Arrange carefully, for each round
Easy to play; Multiple Strategies.
Take your time and enjoy.

Gadlingers: Creation of the Gods

·Interact with them; grow with them
Gods and heroes, they are summoned to fight for you. And, they talk to you.

·Relax and chat with the world.
In Mythologia, you can connect with every player around the whole world. Cannot wait to see your new friendships.

Gadlingers: Creation of the Gods
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