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Galaxy Explorers

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Galaxy Explorers (by Lizard Research)

Survive and craft your way out of an alien, hostile planet in Galaxy Explorers: Space Adventures – an exploration-driven, extraterrestial adventure set among the stars!
As a Commander of a discovery crew made out of misfits, experts and interstellar daredevils, you crash-landed somewhere in the undiscovered part of the galaxy.
Now it’s time to find your squad, establish a base, repair your ship, and chart this brand-new corner of the universe.
Do you got what it takes to finish the mission?

Galaxy Explorers
Galaxy Explorers
Galaxy Explorers
Galaxy Explorers

An immersive adventure set within a vibrant, lively, alien universe

EXPLORE the planet, gather resources, and use them to establish your Base of Operations!
CRAFT new materials using what you find.
UPGRADE and expand your base even further!
RESCUE and meet your squad – an ensemble cast of unique Characters, giving you access to new gameplay features
UNCOVER the mystery of the planet you crashed on – alien ruins await!

Available: Google Play – UK

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