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Galaxy in War

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The description of Galaxy in War

Galaxy in War is a multiplayer Space Strategy game.
After traveling through space for months, you have finally arrived at an undeveloped planet with the mission of turning it to a powerful galactic empire.

To achieve control of the galaxy, you will build your planet from scratch, construct epic ships, forge alliances with other players and engage in intense action-packed space battles.

Galaxy in War
Galaxy in War
Galaxy in War
Galaxy in War

Construct Epic Ships
Unlock and construct epic ships of various features. Forge your fleet and prepare them for space domination! Send your spaceships out to scan for enemy fleets or to battle and conquer.
Explore the Galaxy
In this open world, plenty of things and mysteries are waiting for you to discover. Send out ships to start your exploration of the galaxy! You may encounter a planet full of resources, you may enter a magnificent Nebula, and you may meet dangerous enemies…
Build Your Planet
Build plants to produce resources, and defense modules to protect from enemy attack. Strengthen your space empire by building research labs and shipyards. Upgrade and unlock new versions of your buildings to create the most powerful empire in the galaxy!

Galaxy in War

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