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GalaXY Kats – Resurgence – NFT

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of GalaXY Kats – Resurgence (by River Games)

2D RPG Blockchain Game
Story, Infinite & PVP modes
Roguelite Gameplay with thousands of possibilities
Leaderboard with a chance to win seasonal rewards
Mint your in-game equipment
A Perfect Union of Gaming and NFT

About GalaXY Kats
Built on the blockchain, GalaXY Kats is a free action-adventure game. During the intergalactic adventure players can collect special rewards & equipment to bolster combat power. That’s not it, players can also mint equipment they earned from the game and mint it into NFTs! Since the total number of GalaXY Kats NFTs is 10,000, to allow players who didn’t adopt a GalaXY Kats to participate in the game, they will be provided a default model to help facilitate a better gaming experience for the whole community. If interested, players are encouraged to adopt GalaXY Kats NFTs on OpenSea as they provide better stats, extra DeFi utilities, and a better gaming experience.

GalaXY Kats - Resurgence

In the game, players will play the role of Meerkat. Through skilful movements, dextrous handling of battles, high-precision strikes, and spectacular combatting techniques, gamers will be able to break through enemy lines that ensue, one after another. Meerkats will require improvement and strengthening along the way. Players need to manage to unlock more powerful equipment to come face to face with more dangerous foes. Meanwhile, with more tasks completed, the full picture of the story will be clearer as well. A Roguelite gameplay mechanism will be adopted in the game. There are thousands of combinations available for gamers to synergize together in order to figure out the best way to accomplish a level. This design provides excitement and experience every time they enter a new level!

GalaXY Kats - Resurgence
GalaXY Kats - Resurgence

A Perfect Union Of Gaming and NFT
The appearance of players’ NFTs will be directly adopted in the game as their characters, and players can strengthen the combat power, choose their outfit and more by in-game gear selection/change. While this change of gear/equipment improves GalaXY Kats’ combat power and diversifies their looks, these pieces of equipment can also be traded on the blockchain. Gamers can trade them in secondary markets and get the gear they desire to build a unique image for their characters, highly convenient and customizable!


GalaXY Kats - Resurgence
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