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Galaxy Mobile

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Galaxy Mobile (by SkyRise Digital)

In a faraway universe filled with wonder, you must work with allies to build an interstellar empire. Meet interesting characters, explore strange civilizations, and fend off invaders, aliens, and other, more ancient threats. Create a powerful fleet and build your legend.

Build an Interstellar Empire
Experience a new generation space strategy game with over 200 galaxies for you to explore and conquer. Build a powerful fleet, establish a powerful empire, and earn your place in the galaxy.


More Unit Movement Options, More Strategies
Move your units freely like in an RTS. Send your fleets in any direction, to any target. Command a formidable Star Fortress to turn the tide of battle.


Explore the Universe
Encounter a large variety of random events. Investigate wrecks and ruins, discover ancient secrets (or threats), meet and rescue space refugees, and more.The universe is your oyster.


Rich customization
Customize your Fortress’ appearance and components. Pick and choose from a large cast of Heroes and skills to match your playstyle. Your fleets, your strategies.


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