Galaxy Reavers 2


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Beta-Open time:8:00 a.m.(EST), April 14(the account will be deleted after test)

The description of Galaxy Reavers 2

Galaxy Reavers 2

Galaxy Reavers 2 The universe is a huge hunting ground.
Defeat all enemies.
Only power can be trusted.
This is the world of “Galaxy Reavers”.

Strategic Battle
Original combat, barrage launch, missile interception, trajectory operation, all is up to you.

Galaxy Reavers 2

Panorama Control
Break through operational limits, You can drag, rotate, and zoom in and out to completely control the battle situation.

Galaxy Reavers 2

Customized Exclusive Warship
Dozens of warships, hundreds of devices, you can assemble as you wish with imagination.

Galaxy Reavers 2
Galaxy Reavers 2

Epic Star Wars
Created by the top art team, with high quality visual and sound effects, only to present a highly impactful interstellar war.

Galaxy Reavers 2
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