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Game of History: Middle Ages

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💡Platform – Android(PH,ID,VN)

The description of Game of History ( by D games)

During the dark period of the Middle Ages, the ferocious barbarians continued to expand into the empire’s territory, the holy city that passed on history was destroyed, and unarmed civilians were slaughtered; the people needed a lord, and the age needed a hero.

Your legend has begun. Recruit heroes from all over the world, train a powerful troop, conquest in the quartet, and become domineering, show your tactics and strategies, and lead your people to reshape the empire.

Infinitely zoom ,Diverse terrain
Brand new infinite zoom control method, unparalleled 3D high-resolution image quality. Whether it’s a verdurous grassland, snowy snow, sandy desert, or endless ocean, from the alliance territory to the overview of the world, you can enjoy the smooth experience of strategizing the world in your palm with just two fingers!

Game of History: Middle Ages

Freedom marching ,implement strategy
Incorporating the characteristic RTS elements, on the ever-changing battlefield, circumvent, outflank, attack and defend, and change the formation route at any time, the mutual restraint of the units relationship, shows off your command art and experience the thrill of real-time combat!

Legendary heroes ,conquest in the quartet
The great heroes remembered by history are waiting for your recruitment! King Arthur! Caesar! Attila! ……Use the high-precision modeling of the next gen, restore the shape of historical characters, a variety of training and strengthening mechanisms can stimulate the infinite potential of the hero. You will fight side by side with the heroes of history and write your brilliance under the witness of the legendary heroes!

Game of History: Middle Ages

Call friends ,assemble to defend
Fighting alone may be the king for a while, but only joint combat can sound the clarion call for constant victory! Interact with players from all over the world in real time, find like-minded friends to build alliances, help each other, formulate strategies, cooperating, and fend off foreign enemies together!

Make contributions ,take precautions
A great lord mansion will be the starting point of your legendary story! Build and upgrade all kinds of buildings, research new tactics and weapons, train powerful troops to defend your empire, stand invincible in the chaotic world of war, and lead your empire on a path of glory!

Game of History: Middle Ages

Siege cities ,step by step
Explore unknown lands to uncover the fog of war. The ferocious barbarians, and the evil leif leaders pose a huge threat to the empire and people. How will you domesticate them?

Cross-server duel ,compete with same stage
In the era of fighting for hegemony, only a powerful alliance and a never-betrayal friendship can help you gallop on the battlefield! The innovative MOBA style battlefield map and cross-server matching mechanism allow you to experience the ultimate pleasure of fighting side by side with your allies and conquering powerful enemies!

Game of History: Middle Ages
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