Game of Vampire: Be A King

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Game of Vampire: Be A King (by ISGfunGame)

Ascending to the King’s Throne, and becoming a legendary vampire king, enjoy power, beauty, and money.
Game of Vampire is a vampire empire simulation MMORPG where you rule a kingdom and experience the trip to the top: Recruit legends, Epic wars, Encounter Romance, Empire management, and more than you could imagine. Play for free now, and enjoy royal life as a vampire king.

Rule The Vampire Kingdom
Handle clan affairs, confer titles of nobility, alliance with clans, battle with werewolves, and develop trade! Make good use of your resources to strengthen your kingdom. Always ready for expansion.

Game of Vampire: Be A King

Recruit Epic Heroes
Recruit, develop and build an army of epic heroes by your strategy with whom you sign a lifelong blood contract. and empower them to fight for you. Lead your army to rise and get the glory.

Game of Vampire: Be A King

Encounter Love
Encounter Vampire beauties, adorable human girls, and sexy witches dating them, capture their hearts with your charm, and make your love story choices.

Game of Vampire: Be A King

Simulator Trade
Recruit blood servants to develop blood stations, run your industry, and exclusive ancient castle manor. Unleash your business talent.

Game of Vampire: Be A King

Raise a Dynasty
Nurture your blood beasts who will make your kingdom stronger. arrange alliances through marriage, and eventually expand your influence.

Battle With The Wolf
Alliance with other clans to Crush the Wolf on your way and foil their plots.Use strategy to become a legend that werewolf fears

Have you ever imagined being a legend is in the danger of clan betrayal and the hunting of werewolves?
Would you like to dating the legendary and sexy ladies and establish your dynasty?
Download now, and enjoy the life of a legend in vampire times.
A vampire simulator MMORPG game welcomes you.

Available: Google Play – USA

Game of Vampire: Be A King

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