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Gangsta Mafia : Legend of Godfather

Early access – Available in select countries: PH, ID, etc.

💡Platform – Android

The description of Gangsta Mafia (by TOJOY GAME)

Gangsta Mafia is a free simulation RPG game with plenty of gangsta development issues and love affairs! Become a godfather in the game, exert yourself to get rich, date beauties and enhance your power! You have to fight the other gangs to prevent them from coveting your girls and the lofty position in the underworld!

Game Features:
Make yourself a legendary Godfather
Gain and use resources to enhance your power. Be ready to fight and conquer anytime.

Recruit your crews
Assemble legendary heroes along the journey and train them to help you occupy territories.

Gangsta Mafia : Legend of Godfather

Hit on beauties
Increase intimacy with girls by dating them and protect your ladies from gang fights with bodyguards so they can serve you better! Your babes are calling!

Expand your family
Nurture your children, make alliances through marriage, and expand your influence.

Gangsta Mafia : Legend of Godfather

Carry out the Expedition
Crush the enemies on your way and foil their plots.

Socialize with other players
Exchange your experiences and make friends! Who is the real godfather in the end?

Gangsta Mafia : Legend of Godfather

Unite like minded friends as a gang and fight together against others!

Gangsta Mafia : Legend of Godfather

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