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Gate of Nightmares

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ゲートオブナイトメア (by SQUARE ENIX)

A completely new monster-containing action RPG by Hiro Mashima and SQUARE ENIX.
A new story of swords and magic opens …

Set in the world of swords and magic “Wistaria” and the world “Remrias” that embodies the dreams of people, Emma, ​​a girl who became a “nightwalker” who uses the monster “nightmare” born from a nightmare, is “nightmare”. Meet Azel, a mysterious boy with a constitution that is liked by.

Eventually, it continues on an epic adventure journey that he didn’t even expect …

<< A royal road adventure fantasy woven by Hiro Mashima and Hitoshi Fujisawa! >>
With Hiro Mashima in character design and world view setting, and Hitoshi Fujisawa in the scenario, a new story will be spun in a fantastic world of swords and magic!

Gate of Nightmares

<< 3D action battle with more than 50 characters in total >>
Completely reproduce the characters drawn by Hiro Mashima with a 3D model!
Make full use of each skill to defeat the enemies that block your path!

Gate of Nightmares

<< Monster combination system that can create a new “Nightmare” >>
You can create a new “Nightmare” by multiplying the monster “Nightmare” born from a nightmare. Adventure Wistaria and Lemurias in search of a new “Nightmare”!

Gate of Nightmares

<< Profound and splendid game sound by Mr. Yasuharu Takanashi >>
Yasuharu Takanashi, who also works on the music for the TV anime “FAIRY TAIL”, is in charge of the music. Profound and splendid game sound colors this work!

Gate of Nightmares

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

Gate of Nightmares
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