Gems of Gods

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Gems of Gods (by NCCSOFT)

Welcome to Gems of Gods Universe, our Hero!

Whether you are looking for a casual game to feel relax, or a competitive game and enjoy the battle, Gems of Gods has you covered. The game can be defined as “Easy to play – Challenging to master”.

Gems of Gods

Magic takes many forms within our world, but it all originates from the 6 original elements of this ancient land: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Nature, and Earth.

Since the day of the Chaos War, the world has been shaped into different regions which control the secret of each Element Mastery.

Gems of Gods

Legends say that, once the world reunites, once the chosen one can discover the secret of all Elements, then the secret of the world, The Miracle Crystal, will be revealed.

Can you discover the hidden secret of this world?

Let’s discover the world of Gems of God!

Gems of Gods

– 25+ Heroes with unique skills.
– Cards Collection and Upgrades.
– Epic PvP Battle with friends.
– Match-3 Gameplay.
– Exciting Special Events.
– In-game community and chat.

Gems of Gods

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