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Gemstone Legends

Official Launch

💡Platform – IOS

The description of Gemstone Legends

So you sit in the tavern and… boom! The worlds collide, dark magic gets out of control, the fabric of reality is starting to crack. Play for free and save the legendary empire.

In Gemstone Legends RPG you’ll have many adventures and tactical battles ahead of you.

Gemstone Legends

Gather a team of heroes and start an epic adventure in high fantasy open world. During the battles use combo attacks and your tactical sense, solve match 3 puzzles and beat powerful monsters.

Gemstone Legends

Lead legendary warriors and discover all the secret paths on your way to achieve ultimate victory. Tame a dragon to spread fear among enemy forces. Match your strategy to every battle and complete ultimate quests during game.

– explore high fantasy RPG open world

– match your tactical sense up to your game style

– use power-up magic combos to fight with sinister force

– level-up your heroes

– single player RPG campaign with challenging quests…

– …and amazing rewards during whole game!

– unleash the dragon’s fire-breath and burn your opponents!

Gemstone Legends

Every day visit the fantasy portal to get chance to collect a daily scroll, where you find cards of heroes. Moreover, you can find an epic reward, which can be helpful during the RPG game, at daily calendar.

Be commander during the battles and complete daily missions to get precious resources.

Find allies and play in the common guild. As dragon riders, join forces in battles against the most powerful monsters. Together you will conquer countless treasures.

Gemstone Legends
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