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General Ji: Warring States Ranbu (CN)

Official Launch(Beta)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of General Ji(姬武將:戰國亂舞)

The famous Japanese military leader Ji rules the world during the Warring States Period. My battlefield is controlled by Ji

When you wake up in another world, people are called [Awakened]
Many Japanese historical generals in the Warring States looked like girls, the Shogunate War was fueled and an evil force was approaching that intended to destroy the world. Infected with the girls’ stubborn resistance, you decide to help them in the name of [Awakened].


Intriguing shogunate civil war
Thrilling shogunate battles take place every day, spying on military conditions, escorting food and grass, and crushing mountain bandits. When the siege chariot arrives at the gate, general, will he attack or defend?


Transition to another world and new life in the Warring States
A market store buys and sells gadgets, a temple makes a wish for a blessing, a small courtyard interacts with the girls of war, family affairs are managed, and daily life during the Warring States period lasts for over 500 years.


Holographic Dynamic Real Map
Truly reclaim historic territory, new holographic macroscopic vision, and an ever-changing battlefield under control. Who is the new master of the Warring States Period? The last word is yours!


“Popular voice actor offers gentle voices.”
Many popular resumes like Yukibi, Toyosaki Aki, Chino Ai, Iguchi Yuka, Komatsu Mikako, Ise Molly and many other popular resumes also help. Don’t miss out on voice control!

Official website https://game.okgame.com/sengoku/download/


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