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Duration: 5/7/2021 – 6/7/2021

💡Platform – Android – For some countries – No VPN

The description of Genesis (by Gleepal games)

Game Overview
Genesis is an ocean-themed strategy game with a real-time combat system, in which you can gather famous commanders of different civilizations and team up with other players to develop alliance, which perfectly remaining the depth of strategy while reducing the threshold of gameplay for new players.
Its real-time combat system allows players to experience a rather-real legion battle. The construction and development of the kingdom can provide players a multi-dimensional experience. They can either concentrate on development or fight with other players to win.


Game Background
In alien seas, players will be the chosen ones and shoulder the responsibility to resurrect their civilization. During the process, they will encounter all kinds of dangers and risks and need to unite and form a powerful alliance to overcome the crisis of the world. Only when they have accumulated enough power, the horn of attack shall be blown and the enemies shall be defeated.
With the alliance system, players can establish close and friendly relationships with each other, experiencing the shocking effect of teamwork in multiplayer combat- where the army goes, everything is destroyed.


Game Features
Unique and grandeur kingdom scene.
Real-time combat provides a great balance between convenient controls and strategy.
Map system allows players to move and build on the vast seas to accomplish their tactical intentions

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