Get Amplified Fighters

Official Launch(KR)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 겟앰프드 파이터즈 (by KMBOX)

No more neglect The pinnacle of comic action!
Get Amped is fully revived as a mobile.

Infinite battle unfolds in my hands!
Get Amplified Fighters!

Nonstop fighting action play!
Deathmatch alone, team match with friends, etc.
Supports up to 8 players in battle mode

겟앰프드 파이터즈
겟앰프드 파이터즈

Your own unique character
Various accessories and skin combinations
Complete your own character!

겟앰프드 파이터즈
겟앰프드 파이터즈

Let’s become the king of the challenge!
Enjoy a variety of fun through Arcade and Team Challenge modes!

Official website

겟앰프드 파이터즈

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