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Ghost Party!

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Ghost Party! (by Pandada Studio)

Ghost Party!

Start playing “Ghost Party” now!
This is a easy-to-play casual game combines “merging” and “tower defense”.
Focus on luck and strategy. Play with your intuition without excessive calculations and micro control.

Ghost Party!

Merge minions:
Choose your favorite minion to battle and enhance the minion’s abilities through merging.
Each random result of merging will bring surprises to the game.

Diversified cards:
“Players need to collect sets of cards to
strengthen their teams.”
Use your cards to create dramatic effects.

Ghost Party!

Powerful heroes:
As the incarnation of the player in the game, each hero has its own powerful skills.
Hero skills can only be used once per game, which may turn the tide of battle at a critical moment.

Game features:
● Merge your minions to defeat the enemy
● Win chests to unlock rewards and collect minions.
● Choose heroes and minions and build your team.
● Challenge your friends in private duels and compete for friends’ treasure chests.

Ghost Party!
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