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Ghost Story: Love Destiny

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Ghost Story: Love Destiny (by VNG Corporation)

Ghost Story is more than just a MMORPG game – it’s a journey of love and friendship. Be ready to embark on your adventure?

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Developed by NetEase Games and published by VNGGames, the game proudly presents a romantic, immersive, and vivid role-playing experience that revives the memories and fantasies of gamers!


Ghost Story is a mesmerizing fantasy role-playing game that allows gamers to immerse in the mythic story plot and sweet encounters replicated from the “Love O2O” drama series. The adaptation of both storylines facilitate a multiverse connection between the legendary myth and modern creativity, where love, friendship, and adventure intertwine.

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Ghost Story offers gamers various choices to personalize their ideal character! With 13 unique classes and 27 different customizations, gamers can personalize desired characters that resonate with their playstyle and preferences. Whether you aspire to embody the grace of the Heroine Blade-Master casted by Bei Weiwei or the charm of a Male Virtuoso played by Xiao Nai, each class offers a distinct experience, skill and a captivating backstory reminiscent of the romantic narratives found in ‘Love O2O’ drama series.

The game brings the authentic MMORPG experience to life by allowing gamers to team up with allies to tackle formidable bosses, conquer treacherous dungeons, collect rare equipment, engage in direct trading, and barter virtual items. Every aspect of the game, from intense battles to social interactions, is meticulously designed to provide a seamless and immersive experience, enabling gamers to indulge themselves in an imaginative beautifully rendered 3D open world!


Romantic & Epic Love Story
Embark on a romantic journey in Ghost Story, where each gamer not only embodies their class or character but also carries an emotional backstory. From relationship development to surreal romance, gamers can experience the essence of true love within the game.

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Experience Deep Connections in Every Relationship
Ghost Story’s social features offer flexibility to embark on solo adventures or forge bonds with friends – fully based on gamer’s preference. From finding soulmates to entering marriage and building families, the social system fosters a dynamic and interactive space that easily connects gamers across the globe within the expansive world of the game. Pen your own tale, embrace every challenge, and revel in shared moments of joy with fellow peers from all walks of life.

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Real-life Relationship Development
Recognized as one of the top MMORPGs of the year, Ghost Story transcends mere adventure by offering gamers a virtual realm where they can experience the bliss of stress-free parenthood. With features like marriage, housing, and the ability to nurture children, gamers can create a cherished virtual family with their beloved. Witnessing every phase of your children’s growth adds a profound sense of real-life familial joy! These happiness and fulfillment are certainly a rare gem in the world of MMORPGs.

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Trendy Fashion with Detailed Customizations
In Ghost Story, fashion isn’t just about style—it’s a canvas for self-expression and personality. Each outfit is meticulously tailored and crafted to stand out, with unique designs. Whether it’s classic elegance or modern chic, every item not only sets your character apart, but also reflects your personality. With a customizable fashion wardrobe, every moment in the game becomes a runway, allowing you to showcase your true self!

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