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GhostSword (신검전설) ENG


The description of GhostSword (신검전설)

Anyone can become a god with a legendary weapon.
Those who want to be God
Do it with [[New Sword Legend]]!

Extra-large 3D MMORPG reconstructed by mobile
[Gangho Battlefield] Real battlefield with unlimited PVP!
[Operation] Easy Auto System
[PVP] Field PK, Dungeon PK, Enemies, Tauntless Combat System
[Growth] Pets, vehicles, costumes, various growth systems
[Combination] Making more powerful equipment
[Offline] Offline experience system that grows continuously
[Munpa Daejeon] The server’s strongest munpa is truly a reality!

Game Features

-Tax-saving recruits appeared !!
-Join the new stage of martial arts RPG!

Mobile Martial Arts RPG
-Real-time party hunting
-Collect equipment through real-time parties!

Moonpajeon, real-time PvP battle, fierce field battle
-The fierce battle of each wave to the highest
-Unbreakable battles unfold between the best of the integrated servers!

Infinite PvP Daejeon
-3v3 PvP ‘Battlefield’ of cooperation and strategy!
-One-to-one PvP of the control is’!

Massive growth system and true MMORPG game of contents
-Munpajeon / PVP / Force Battle / Text Dungeon
-Who will be the best in each culture!
-Acquire a new sword to achieve absolute success!

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