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Giant Monster War

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💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English

The description of Giant Monster War-巨獸爭霸 (by X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.)

“Giant Monster War-Giant Monster War” invites you to soar into the sky, explore “Titan Continent” together, and find a new chapter in the adventure world!

You will become an airship captain and embark on a long-awaited journey of exploring wonders. Fight side by side with unique partners from all over the world. Adventure or conquer, it’s up to you!

Giant Monster War-巨獸爭霸

“The giant beast joins the queue, like a tiger with added wings”
In addition to heroic companions, Titan beasts also join the team and become the most solid backing. With Titan blessings, the fleet can be invincible!

Giant Monster War-巨獸爭霸

“Chronospace Turbulence, Are We Friends?” Or an enemy?
Create a golden lineup, enter the turbulence of time and space to fight with powerful opponents, and find the best way to defeat the enemy through the configuration of front and rear rows and units!

Giant Monster War-巨獸爭霸

“Unit matching, ever-changing combinations”
Heroes lead the team, and the soldiers are indispensable! In addition to simple numerical advantages, the compatibility and buffing effects of soldiers can also have a great impact on the battle situation. A captain with both wisdom and courage is the real hero who can conquer the Titan Continent!

Giant Monster War-巨獸爭霸

“Hero synchronization, level reset, dual weapons”
Recruited too many hero companions but can’t afford to upgrade and become stronger? ! Through the synchronization system, new heroes can be promoted immediately, and experience inheritance will be carried out without interruption. It is the most relaxing SLG game in the legendary history!

Giant Monster War-巨獸爭霸

“New server event, get the nine-tailed fox for free to help”
Get SSR at the start! Join now to get the Nine-tailed Fox-Kanna, the strongest group attack hero! Win at the starting point, download now!

Available: Google Play – TW, HK

Giant Monster War-巨獸爭霸

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