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Girl Peace: Shining Maiden (KR)

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The description of Girl Peace: Shining Maiden

Korean original animated mobile game “Girl Peace: Shining Maiden”
Developed by South Korea’s BIG DIPPER, it combines the adventures of animation and games to form an RPG. Players will play the role of the male protagonist “Ben” and embark on an adventure with childhood friend Erica and many girls.

“From today, my daily life is to protect her peace!”

少女平和:Shining Maiden
少女平和:Shining Maiden
少女平和:Shining Maiden
少女平和:Shining Maiden

The story takes place in an ordinary village-Bell Village.
In order to realize the annual birthday agreement with his childhood sweetheart Erica, Ben sneaked into the St. Rosemary Girls’ College where Erica was studying, but unexpectedly encountered an unknown monster…! ?
This unexpected incident caused the principal Qiao Sen not to investigate the behavior of breaking into the women’s college, and assigned Ben, Erica and others to embark on an adventure and set out to investigate the cause of the monster’s loss of control.

During the journey, Ben accidentally found an object shining with mysterious light in the forest. At this time, a whisper in his ear:
“My name is Norni, please bring me back to the right world line.”

Accompanied by the sound of the gears of fate turning…

少女平和:Shining Maiden
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