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Girl X School: Học Viện Siêu Nhiên

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Girl X School: Học Viện Siêu Nhiên (by SOHAGAME)


Turn-based RPG

Recruit 6 “students” to the team to be ready to sweep all opponents.
Turn-based gameplay with beautiful anime style, fresh and lively school garden style.


Adapted from the famous story Hieu Hoa Diem Thiep Than Cao Cao.

Intense youth with anime academy full of drama and “pretty boys and girls”

Beautiful 3D graphics, unique context, epic skills
The cast of “students” with the “standard hot teen” image, school-flooded drama and competitive matches to punish bullies.
Enjoy Girl X School: Supernatural Academy, the top anime RPG style game and gather the strongest team.

Girl X School: Học Viện Siêu Nhiên

Raise waifu, very good taste

Pamper your little wife with daily interactions.
Dress up, buy new fashion and watch your little wife transform every style.

Girl X School: Học Viện Siêu Nhiên

When anything is a weapon
Continuous slaps?
Whatever. Let’s fight!

Girl X School: Học Viện Siêu Nhiên

Great deals for new gamers

Sign in for VIP
Top up to receive rewards 3 days in a row
Log in daily to get 100,000 Diamonds

Girl X School: Học Viện Siêu Nhiên

Super flying feature – Super cool version

Dense supplement: It’s very easy to find ingredients. The Tinh Anh sub-version is interspersed with the Normal sub-version, unlimited challenges.
Diverse Guild system: Full of activities to increase interaction, hunt club bosses together, complete club tasks every day, use club skills and can buy rare items at the club shop.
The Great War of the World: The Golden Loot took place between the two factions Viem Long and An Phuong. The winner is king, the loser is “crooked”.
Club Conference: The activity of invading the territory of the clubs, having a chance to have fun with the whole team.
150 beautiful boys and girls, thousands of “uniquely beautiful” skills, a fierce, enthusiastic and not afraid of “collision” fun.

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Girl X School: Học Viện Siêu Nhiên
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