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Girls and Hunter

Official Launch(RU) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Girls and Hunter: аниме РПГ (by EspritGames)

Somewhere far away, in another time and space, there is a certain world. There, the ancient technological civilization has been in decline for many years. But over time, the descendants of the ancients managed to restore the world after a monstrous catastrophe. And then they had powerful enemies – dragons.

Ferocious prehistoric creatures filled the whole earth. They became the masters of this world. Annual natural disasters threatened to plunge the world into darkness. From Sky Island to the Great Sea to the bowels of the earth, dragons were rampant everywhere. They began to flock and attack civilians. They destroyed villages and arable lands, smashed cities and fortresses, tore living creatures with sharp teeth and claws. They plunged the world into chaos. Until the hunters show up.

Girls and Hunter: аниме РПГ

This is the fighting elite of humanity with elemental weapons and strong armor, slender and graceful Valkyries on dangerous battlefields. They have excellent hunting skills and a steady will to win. Beautiful huntresses are worthy opponents of dragons. Their beautiful shadows flicker on the wild plains and in the mountains, in the deserts and on the seashore, in the abyss and in the clouds – everywhere they track down their prey. After hundreds of years of struggle, people have finally found the ability to compete with the furious nature. These glorious warriors managed to defend civilization and save hope.

Girls and Hunter: аниме РПГ

Girls and Hunter is an online collectible card game with a fun and dynamic combat system. Bright game effects, many options for improving and strengthening heroes. A huge selection of different tactics and strategies, as well as an interesting and exciting storyline. Assemble a squad of amazing hunters and start your journey as a squad leader! Defeat all enemies on your way to greatness and prove to everyone that you are the greatest leader and strategist!

Girls and Hunter: аниме РПГ

Dozens of beautiful hunter girls with unique skills and abilities.
Variable and branched system for improving squad members.
Strengthening and improving the equipment of hunters.
Fascinating storyline and variety of locations.
Synergy of hunters and a lot of different tactics.
Exciting challenges and competitions.
Clan and server battles.
PVP and PVE tournaments.

Available: Google Play – RU

Girls and Hunter: аниме РПГ
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