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Glitter Star Nucleus


💡Platform – Android

The description of Glitter Star Nucleus (by NetEase Games)

From ground to space, the history of mankind is the history of war.

In the end, in an unprecedented supernova explosion, all the clamor and entanglement in the star field died out.
The fire of civilization is extinguishing…

Glitter Star Nucleus
Glitter Star Nucleus

Are you willing to shoulder the burden of fate to save everything, or sing the last praise of mankind’s courage?
Start from scratch in the distant aliens and re-take the road of science and technology. From the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution, from the light tapping of polished stones to the roar of steam and electricity, you are a great inventor who has traveled through thousands of years.
On the way to survive in Xinghai, alien beasts, remnants of the old world, and new atrocities obstruct you. Only by breaking them can you create a new world! You are a brave fighter driving a chariot.
Travel through the bizarre alien planets, arrive at the center of the supernova big bang, and uncover the mysteries of history and the universe. You are a genius scientist piloting a spaceship.

Glitter Star Nucleus

Now, set sail with your spaceship!
“Xinghai Survival” is an alien sandbox survival game, which aims to explore a gameplay experience that combines survival exploration, open world, and sandbox creation under the theme of the vast universe. Incorporating the unbelievable life forms and the strange and unknown exploration adventures, it presents players with an unprecedented alien story and enjoys the sense of accomplishment of upgrading the primitive civilization to interstellar technology. There are many crises in this infinite universe, but it is also waiting for you with endless exploration…

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