Global Exploration

Official Launch(SG) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 秘境奇兵:全球探险 (X.P.Games)

Deep restoration of the original appearance of the most mysterious monuments in the East and the West
The game adopts the latest art style, and presents players with the most realistic scenes by collecting a large amount of materials to present the mysterious historical sites of the Middle East and the West to players, so as to allow players to have the most authentic adventure experience.


Brave through the mysterious monuments and explore the ultimate treasure
In the game, players will play the role of a new member of the Adventurer’s Association, and use various clues to unravel the mysteries of different ruins around the world, go deep into the ruins and find the treasures and secrets hidden in the ruins


Global Expedition Recruitment Looking for the Great Adventure King
A person’s adventure is always full of unknowns and dangers. All partners in the organization explore this mysterious and treasure-filled world together.


Search for the treasures of the ruins, challenge the guardian angels
Each mysterious relic is full of various treasure guardians, or people, demons or gods. In order to obtain the treasures of the relics and explore the hidden secrets of the relics, you must defeat those guardians.

Available: Google Play – SG


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