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Gloria Unio‪n (JP)

Official Launch

💡Platform – Android | Ios | Nintendo

The description of グロリア・ユニオン Gloria Union (by STING Co.,Ltd.)


A world where 80% has become the sea …
The treasure of Euphoria, a country that was destroyed long ago.
The legend of the crystal.
Many pirates go to the ocean in search of the legend
It jumped out.
And one person here too
There was a pirate boy who was aiming for a lot of money.

Unique characters unfold
A comical fantasy story that pushes forward with a light paste!
Where to proceed depending on the player’s actions
The characters you become friends with will also change! ??

グロリア・ユニオン Gloria Union
グロリア・ユニオン Gloria Union
グロリア・ユニオン Gloria Union
グロリア・ユニオン Gloria Union

Collaborate with friends! Union system!
Adopt the same system as Yugdra Union!
Depending on the character’s position
Equipped with a union system that allows up to 5 people to participate in battle at one time.
By bombardment and movement by the “ship” that appeared from this work
Let’s launch a more powerful attack!

One-shot reversal tactics card!
Use the power of cards with special moves to destroy enemies!
Make good use of various effects and face difficulties! !!
Your own with the added tactics card
Let’s find a strategy!

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グロリア・ユニオン Gloria Union
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