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Glory 2: Darkness(KR)

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The description of Glory 2: Darkness(글로리2: 다크니스)

Darkness: The Darkness Awakens
New offline hunting MMORPG, experience quickly and easily!

Automatic combat, easy hunting
Upgraded quest system, ONE click growth
Profits constantly accumulating even while offline!

글로리2: 다크니스

Eternal love, relationship system
A magical romance with a fateful relationship unfolds!

글로리2: 다크니스

Powerful BOSS deployed in each dungeon
Summon a Legion Boss that can only be experienced in Glory 2!
Let’s experience infinite boss hunting!

글로리2: 다크니스

The unity of the legion, the battle for honor
Rich PVP system and corps content
Defend the throne in the World of Haesin Shrine

글로리2: 다크니스

Various growth systems
Wing, pet, vehicle system, as well as free appearance change system
Let’s transform into an appearance with your own characteristics!

Costume system full of personality
Colorful and diverse high-class costumes
Let’s express your own style without hesitation!

글로리2: 다크니스
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