Glory of Dragon Slayer

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The description of Glory of Dragon Slayer (by Redpotion)

Wield your power, test your might , and fight for glory!
Glory of Dragonslayer is a new fantasy strategy game, brings you a 4X experience.
Be who you wish to be, and build what you wish to build in this game – your Civilization, your way!
Play to the diverse strengths each Civilization brings to the table and rewrite history in your own characteristic hand. Choose your battles wisely and rise through the ranks, Will you become the ultimate Dragonslayer?
Once great was the continent, bright and brilliant for its souls born.
But this vestige of light was a scant match for the Void Dragon or “Voidwyrm”, as the people in the land of Eld call it.
Only the bravest could fend off the looming darkness of the enigmatic Voidwyrm.
Are you strong enough to defeat the herd of dragons?

Glory of Dragon Slayer

SUMMON HEROES of Eld to aid you on your journey!
—Scout and Venture through the mystical world of the Eld and choose between 6 different civilizations.
Each Civilization offers a different playstyle, varying between different strategy mechanics, unique battle attributes, and abilities. A vast roster of Heroes from diverse factions and fiefdoms awaits your arrival, strategize and use their power to your advantage. Hone the skills of your Heroes through massive battles and put those talent points to good use.

Glory of Dragon Slayer

BUILD your EMPIRE and guide your CIVILIZATION to prosperity!
—Rise from humble beginnings and rebuild your empire. Wage wars with the Dragon Vanguards underneath the thick black fog, emerge victorious, retain the glory of the veterans, rescue the civilians and reclaim the land to expand your city.

Glory of Dragon Slayer

— Deploy your troops to scout unexplored foreign lands in search of precious resources to aid you in your battle. Fortify, construct, and rebuild a path to glory. Exploit resources to build, craft, and upgrade your fortress, build your army and military power, and conquer your enemies!

Glory of Dragon Slayer

FORGE ALLIANCES and UNIONS, and in unity, find strength!
— Co-operate and Match with players worldwide, and form clans with your allies to defend your fledgling nations. Assemble allies to scout and battle aside, draw up defenses, and plan offensives. Outmaneuver, and outcraft, not just alone but in tandem.

BATTLE in REAL-TIME and EXPLORE the Land of Eld effortlessly!
—Fight Real-time battles alongside your allies, or provide them with support when necessary. Transition freely between views using Infinite zoom and fully immerse yourself into this action-packed SLG. View concurrent battles on the map, learn from mistakes or tactics from other players, and perfect your strategies.


Glory of Dragon Slayer

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