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GO! Monkey

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of GO! Monkey (by LinKing)

GO! Monkey is a funny and addictive arcade game where you build and upgrade hanging constructions on which your animals sit. Then you wage turn-based battles in which you try to knock off opponents from their constructions by throwing various objects at them.

Have you ever wanted to throw a beehive at a monkey? Wonder what sound they’d make? Do you miss being the sling-shot king of the neighborhood? Satisfy those desires as you puzzle your brain with this insane new physics game! Try your hand at an all-new network battle in GO! Monkey.


* Comical and Simple Gameplay
– Just touch & drag to knock out your opponents
– Features life-like movement from the animals

GO! Monkey

* Exciting real-time battle throughout various modes
– At least 30 seconds to win a battle
– Get fun and relax with fragmented time

GO! Monkey

* Unique features in Arcade Mode
– Play online with either random opponents or friends
– Find the best way to fight in various game modes

GO! Monkey

* Strong and Powerful Upgrade System
– Add various animals and upgrade their statuses
– Get stronger sticks to help you withstand enemy attacks longer

GO! Monkey
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