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Idle Goblin Slayer

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Goblin Slayer – Idle RPG (by gameberry studio)

Let’s beat the demons back to the purgatory!

While exploring the forbidden Spirit Realm tower, Mari makes an oopsie and places the fate of humanity in jeopardy when the powerful Demoniac Spirit Sword falls into the hands of the Infernal Dragon, Ignifer.
Embark on an epic adventure with Mari, a young girl who defied her father, king Uma of the Heavenly Realm, and accidentally unleashed a endless wave of demons upon Earth
Join her quest to recover the Demoniac Spirit Sword, and become the Goblin Slayer!

Goblin Slayer - Idle RPG

Infinite Growth even when AFK!
•Power Up your character and enjoy crushing the enemies and dealing huge damage!
•Collect spirit stones to boost your stats and promote your weapons!
•Even while in idle mode, you can get tons of rewards! King Uma is really generous!

Goblin Slayer - Idle RPG

Become the new Protector of the Heavenly Realm!
• The monsters defeated in combat can turn into your pets! Show’em who is the boss!
• Combine different pets in your party to create the strongest team!
• Learn powerful and beautiful skills to destroy monsters fast!

Goblin Slayer - Idle RPG

Explore the purgatory dungeons!
• There are several Dungeons waiting to be explored
• Find and defeat the bosses to collect the exclusive items that will make you super powerful!

Goblin Slayer - Idle RPG

Unlock all cosmetic items to redeem yourself in style
• Enjoy awesome skins for your weapons, masks and costumes
• Cosmetic items also improve your stats, become even more strong while looking good!
• Play at your own pace. Goblin Slayer is an Idle RPG that suits hardcore and calm players!

Goblin Slayer - Idle RPG
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