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GOD5: Tank PvP

Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of GOD5: Tank PvP (by 111%)

Fancy a bit of dice roll? Board games? Or dice games in general?

Combine the thrill of a dice roller bet and BIG, BAD, TANKS!

A set of 5 battle tanks are your main entourage, dealing damage to your opponent each round!
Place bets on your tanks, and win a big payout of MASSIVE attacks to defeat other players!

GOD5: Tank PvP

Select different Tanks each battle to be your game piece!
Level up your Tanks to have more powerful damage payouts!
Common, Rare, Unique, and LEGENDARY Tanks to find and collect!
Trophies and Trophy Rewards to cash out!

GOD5: Tank PvP

1. CHOOSE 5 Tanks to participate in the game
2. BET by placing the 5 Tanks each round
3. ROLL the Dice
4. TANKS deal damage according to the dice roll
5. BONUS power through Hi Lo, Double, Triple and more!

GOD5: Tank PvP

GOD 5 is a Sic Bo style, street craps like game on steroids made out of tank fuel!
Think of a traditional High Low, Tài Xỉu game, but with a lucky tank… Five Tanks.
Forget Tai Xiu and old fashioned birdcage, enter the Hi-Lo style Tai Sai world filled with SUPER TANKS!

Play 1v1 games with real players worldwide, with a global real time matching system.
Brand new game featuring gameplay never seen before: brought to you by 111%, the creators of Random Dice, Wild Tamer, BB TAN, and more!

GOD5: Tank PvP
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