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💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Goddess Verdict (by BEKKO GAMES)

The fantasy development game popular in Japan-“Shinji Judgment” will be launched soon!
The super-popular local virtual Vtuber Almond Miru linkage event is simultaneously opened, so stay tuned!

Under the invasion of the ancient demon king, the world is heading towards destruction. In response to the girl’s cry, the sleeping brave was awakened again.
The fantasy story entangled with the fate of the girls is just beginning…

Don’t fail this time!
Hand in hand with the lovely gods of different races to reverse the adversity and regain the world that belongs to us!

[Romantic encounter with nearly a hundred girls, I want them all]
Nearly a hundred gods of different races with different characteristics are waiting for you to collect. I know your preferences and satisfy all your fantasies about beautiful girls in the second element. Develop a bond with her during the adventure, lead a stronger power, and unlock the blushing heartbeat of the private dress~


[Use bonds to form powerful formations, automatically fight and win easily]
Plan tactics, flexibly use the rich bond effects and combo skills to form your powerful team. Direct the girls to fight against powerful monsters and win through the automatic battle system. Simple and easy-to-use operation mode, easy to enjoy the fun of the game


[Writing your adventure story in multiple modes, full-day plot immersive experience]
The plot text of nearly a million words, multiple exploration modes, and the four tribal gods work together to create different exclusive story memories. The whole story Japanese voice actors give their voices, perfect interpretation of the various faces of the girls, and bring you an auditory healing experience


[Release the gorgeous nirvana to end the battle, reverse it in a second, and kill it all]
In the face of constantly attacking monsters and the treacherous battlefield environment, the timing of the release of skills will become the key to victory. Catch the right time and use gorgeous special effects to instantly reverse the situation on the battlefield, and feel the fun of full-screen blasts


[Create a guild with friends and enjoy the slow life in another world]
Join the new friends you make in the guild, chat with them or show off your goddess to them. You can earn rewards by working at the Adventurer School and the Magic Institute, and you can also challenge the world king with the full server to win together.
In short, there are many interesting things waiting for you to explore

Official website https://goddessverdict.bekko.com/prelogin/

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community
Goddess Verdict (TW)Goddess Verdict (TW)

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