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Gods Impact

Official Launch(SEA) + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Gods Impact (by Banana Game ltd)

Background Story:
In the distant heavens, Gods work day and night to keep peace and order.
“Zen Master, I have been playing mahjong with you a whole day! Aren’t we supposed to be like, working?”
“Alas! Thou whomst win mahjong reacheth the answer. Mahjong is good practice, you know? See, I win!”

However peace did not last, as a mysterious man stole the heaven’s energy source and broke the barrier between gods and mortals. Both eastern and western gods unite to defeat him, and a journey of adventure lies ahead!

Game Features:
Clash of Mighty Gods
Different gods from different parties of the world meet! Fun adventure in the mysterious realm is waiting to be explored!

Gods Impact

Relax in idle AFK
Casual, relaxing and exciting! You can gain more than you can imagine even though you play 3 minutes a day. Enjoy the game at your own pace, and grab all the sweet benefits!

Gods Impact

Summon 200+ Heroes
The hot teacher Athenna, the seafood chef Poseidon, the veteran electrician Thor, so on and so forth. You will never know who’s next! Build your dream team with great ease.

Gods Impact

Embark on an Epic Journey
Scary mazes, bizarre dungeons, mysterious forests, deserted islands, prosperous cities…More surprises are ahead of your journey! Just jump in and join the trip!

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Gods Impact
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