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Hungry Monster (Gods & Monsters) – Android

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Gods & Monsters (by Guangzhou Hanqee Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

Hungry Monster(Gods & Monsters) - Android

In ancient times, when all things revived, the Nine Heavens, the Four Seas, the Eight Wilds, the Divine Path, and chaos were born at the center of the world, forming the Five Realms.

Thousands of years later, the spiritual power of the world was nearly depleted, and all living beings are corroded by disasters, while all beasts preying on each other.

In the endless devouring, various huge monsters continuously emerged. Mice swallowed moths to become bats, foxes swallowed bats to become wind otters, and giant pythons swallowed wind otters to become Qiuran…

Gods & Monsters

Benefits Galore, Free 10 Pulls Every Day
Log in for non-stop 10-pulls and crazy 110 pulls, with a guaranteed five-star card
Complete storyline to receive five-star monsters, and collect the unique beasts easily

Gods & Monsters

Devour and Evolve, A Journey of Rebirth
Is it to devour or to be reborn?
Everything can be devoured, even the tiniest monster. The transformation after devouring is unimaginable to anyone, and the path of evolution has infinite possibilities

Gods & Monsters

Fantasy Story, Easy to Bond
Seek an Ally to explore the unique bonds and origins between the strange beasts, then experience a journey through the Mountains and Seas
The bond between two people can fight against the mutated creatures, what matters is happiness and excitement!

Gods & Monsters

Idle Placement, Light Strategy without Fatigue
Freely exit the battlefield and engage in multiple gameplays at the same time
Such as Family wars and defeat the BOSS, everyone seize the points so as to dominate the Mountains and Seas

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Gods & Monsters

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